Unlocking Unmatched Luxury and Efficiency: The Advantages of Choosing a Boutique Home Builder and Contractor

As a boutique construction management service provider CdM Homes is distinguished by its deliberate focus on crafting a limited number of luxury homes at any given time, ensuring an unparalleled level of attention and dedication to each project. We prioritize the creation of exceptional, high-performance homes with timeless architecture that withstands the test of generations. Opting for a boutique builder offers exponential benefits, transforming your dream home into a reality with meticulous attention to detail.

Construction Management:
  -Whether its new construction or a renovation e offer varying construction management services and fee structures according to client needs.
  – Conduct daily site visits , review critical path progress, and manage construction remotely for clients living outside the area.

Site Acquisition Analysis:
  – Evaluate potential sites before purchase.
  – Assess suitability for client goals, code restrictions, constructability, sun exposure, and views.

-Feasibility Studies:
  – Collaborate with client, agent and or design professionals to analyze site potential. 
  – Assess need for specialized construction techniques.

– Programming:
  – Meet with owner and key consultants to establish project goals, budget, objectives, and scope.
  – Utilize client questionnaire to identify lifestyle and expectations.

– Site Planning:
  -Collaborate to develop site plan considering optimal building location, views, solar access, and site amenities.

– Computer Modeling:
  – Our design partners of three-dimensional computer modeling for interior walkthrough and building exteriors.

– **Models/Artist Renderings:
  – Create project models and artist renderings ranging from simple mass models to detailed 3-D digital renderings.

– Interior Design Consultation:
  – Collaborate with design professionals to provide interior architectural design for congruency with exterior theme.
  – Collaborate with client’s interior design professional.

– Construction Documents:
  – Review plans and specifications for construction bidding and building.
  – Include kitchen design, lighting design, and specification of healthy building materials.

– Landscape Architecture:
  – Provide landscape designer, collaborating with client’s landscape architect for cohesiveness.

– Preliminary Cost Estimate/Analysis:
  – Secure preliminary construction cost estimates after receiving preliminary design drawings.

– Sustainability Analysis/LEED Project Coordination:
  – Utilize over forty years of experience in energy-efficient design and green building materials.
  – Provide LEED project conformance management in collaboration with client’s objectives.

– Building Dept. Processing:
  – Handle processing with building, zoning, and planning agencies to secure permits.

– Sub Contractor Selections:
  – Provide a list of experienced sub contractors .
  – Assist with interviews and answer questions during the bidding process.